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Supported by appropriate IT solutions, we are well equipped to maintain a comprehensive database of Shariah complaint securities in different market segments. We continuously monitor and ensure Shariah compliance at all stages - from selection of scrips to execution to settlement and safekeeping. 

Shariah compliance at Hayat is supervised by a Shariah Supervisory Board. This function is entrusted with distinguished Shariah advisory co. “Al-Mashora & Al Raya” approved by the Kuwaiti Ministry of “Awqaf”. They oversee the shariah compliance function in all aspects of Hayat’s operations which includes products development, contracts formulation, asset class selection and eligible shares screening.


M/S Al-Mashora & Al Raya are the most renowned Shariah advisor in Kuwait. They were the first Shariah advisor to receive the Shariah consultations license from the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs and the Ministry of Commerce and Industry in Kuwait. Their shariah advisors comprise of prominent experts who possess both academic excellence and practical experience in the application of the principles of Shariah, gained through their positions as professors at Islamic universities and Shariah colleges or as consultants in the public and private sectors. 

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